Acting Essentials

Develop your instrument, and work with an ensemble, in four months of exploring truth in performance to discover if acting is the ideal creative path for you.

You are ready to find out if acting is the right outlet for your passion to tell stories. You’re looking to build your self-awareness, and develop your instrument, both vocally and physically, to approach any performance platform—a film set, a stage or a boardroom—with more presence and confidence. You are a creative force.

An Education in Acting Essentials


Integrate the actor’s various disciplines. You will put the pieces together;; working more deeply; integrating movement skills with script and text work.



Develop self-awareness, concentration, and imagination. Begin to recognize emotional truth when connecting to character and their stories.


Week 15 shoots

From the stage to the set, in Week 15 we simulate the on-set experience as you take your scene from the classroom to a production environment.

Week 15 shoots

Program Breakdown

LET'S PLAY. Dive into the skills necessary to pursue an acting career. Explore introduction to camera, improvisation, and audition, along with the essential actor’s building blocks of voice, movement, text analysis, and acting techniques. Commit to the craft through serious play.

LET'S CONNECT. Integrate the actor’s various disciplines to work more deeply with scripts to create vibrant characters. Build your actor’s toolbox to play freely in front of a camera and to connect more fully with your voice, body, imagination, and each other. The first steps in finding your confidence as an actor.

  • program length

    4 Months

  • Time spent with instructors

    367 Hours

  • A Certificate in Acting Essentials
  • The opportunity to apply to the VFS one-year Acting for Film + Television program.
  • Access to the VFS Alumni Directory and Job Board

Key Faculty

Our faculty members are working actors with decades of experience in front of the camera and on stage. They are dedicated to sharing their extensive knowledge and expertise to help you thrive in your career, or in your future creative training. 

Head of Acting Essentials, Jennifer Clement first photo

Jennifer Clement

Head of Department

Jen has acted in over 100 theatre, film and TV projects in the course of her professional career. She has been teaching for ten years, sharing her years of experience, and passion for acting, with her students.

Acting Essentials Instructor Rondel Reynoldson

Rondel Reynoldson


Rondel has worked as an actress for more than 20 years, and brings a genuine love and curiosity for the craft of acting to her teaching. She's worked in over 50 television and film projects ranging from local independent films to Hollywood blockbusters, such as Man of Steel. 

Acting Essentials Senior Instructor Mattie Shisko first photo

Mattie Shisko

Senior Instructor

Mattie undertook her formal training as an actor in Sydney, Australia, and has more than 27 years' experience as a teacher, performer, actress, and filmmaker. She has been with VFS since 2002.

Acting Essentials Instructor David C. Jones first photo

David C. Jones

Instructor – Improv

David works as a corporate entertainer and was the Entertainment Manager for the 2010 Olympics. He has acted in commercials, web-series, and independent films, as well as directing and acting in plays. He has also won some awards.

Audition Technique Instructor Alison James first photo

Alison James

Instructor – Audition Technique

Alison has been acting, directing, and teaching for over 11 years. She played the coveted role of “Nurse Tiffany” in New Zealand's primetime clinical drama Shortland Street, which is still shown in over 70 countries.

Faculty Career Highlights

Fido poster, Acting Essentials Staff Credits


Jennifer Clements –  Dee Dee Bottoms

The Dead Zone poster, Acting Essentials Staff Credits

The Dead Zone

Bill Marchant – Scotty
Jennifer Clement – Phyllis Grantfork
Nancy Sivak – Animal Control Officer

The X-Files poster, Acting Essentials Staff Credits

The X-Files

Jennifer Clement – Michele Wilkes

Cold Squad poster, Acting Essentials Staff Credits

Cold Squad

Mattie Shisko – Woman

Everyone poster, Acting Essentials Staff Credits


Bill Marchant – Shepard (Bill also wrote, directed, and produced Everyone)
Cara McDowell – Rachel
Nancy Sivak – Madeline

Supernatural poster, Acting Essentials Staff Credits


Kurt Evans – FBI Special Agent Carl Reidy
Jennifer Clement – Wendy Rice
Bill Marchant – Deputy Frank

Da Vinci's Inquest poster, Acting Essentials Staff Credits

Da Vinci's Inquest

Bill Marchant – Don Marcos
Jennifer Clement – Sarah Woods
Nancy Sivak – Sara MIlls

Shortland Street poster, Acting Essentials Staff Credits

Shortland Street

Alison James – Nurse Tiffany

Diary of a Wimpy Kid poster, Acting Essentials Staff Credits

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Jennifer Clement – Mrs. Flint

Stargate SG-1 poster, Acting Essentials Staff Credits

Stargate SG-1

Michael Robinson – Head of Council

Intelligence poster, Acting Essentials Staff Credits


Bill Marchant – Paul Legros
Jennifer Clement – Parent
Nancy Sivak  – Anne's Mother

Eureka poster, Acting Essentials Staff Credits


Jennifer Clement –  Susan Perkins

Waydowntown poster, Acting Essentials Staff Credits


Jennifer Clement – Vicki Strayhorn

David C. Jones in Tops and Bottoms, Acting Essentials Staff Credits

Tops & Bottoms

David C. Jones –  The Host

David C. Jones in In Session, Acting Essentials Staff Credits


David C. Jones –  Geoff

David C. Jones in Rink Rats, Acting Essentials Staff Credits

Rink Rats

David C. Jones –  Adrian

Campus Life

Your four months in Acting Essentials puts you in close contact with students in a host of other VFS programs, from writers and filmmakers to makeup artists and sound designers. This downtown training facility features near round-the-clock access to rehearsal space, computers, and everything you need to perform at your best. You'll also be surrounded by the city's best cafes, restaurants, and cultural attractions – not to mention some of the leading film and television production studios. 

Students happily warming up for class


You'll graduate from Acting Essentials at VFS ready for higher-level training; with an indepth understanding of acting techniques, and an awareness of presence that will showcase your confidence in acting and a range of other disciplines.

Acting for Film + Television

61% of students who complete Acting Essentials go on to specialize in VFS's Acting for Film + Television program.

Other VFS Programs

Another 3% of Acting Essentials students choose to further their skills in the entertainment arts through one of VFS's other programs.

Other Careers

Others who complete Acting Essentials, choose to explore other career options with a newfound self-confidence.

Admissions Info

To make sure you have accurate admissions information please select your region based on country of citizenship.


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You will be asked to submit one of the following along with your application. Your advisor can help with selecting the best option.

All you need is a passion for acting and the arts, a strong desire to express yourself and tell stories through performance, and a willingness to collaborate with peers and instructors. Acting Essentials is ideal for those who feel a need to expand their foundation as an actor and for those without a portfolio sufficient to gain entrance into VFS's one-year Acting for Film + Television program.

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